Monday, 19 September 2011

summer work

over the summer i was lucky enough to have a week away , looking after a friends dog and being able to use their printing press. I was able to print at a larger format (57 x 45 cm) and produced the following reduction woodcut reduction. I am trying to get the balance right between the planning that is needed for the colours to work but allow the drawing to have room to manoever and have some fluidity. I relied on a previous subject matter for the content to allow me to focus more on the technique. This is an edition of 7

Inbetween printing it was good to spend some time concentrating on drawing .As an action it gives me real enjoyment but there seems to be a growing distance between this and my illustration work.I think more work and time is needed to work out a way of processing the drawing, finding a method were it retains certain qualities but has a usability

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Craig Atkinson / Café Royal Books said...

Hi Luke. It's interesting to read about your drawing v's illustration - it's one reason I decided to take on fewer commercial jobs.
Do you find that by having some time to draw, you are less excited by commercial work, like drawing + illustration kind of fight for prime position? I suppose agents etc want 'a style' and much deviation from that style makes it hard for illustrators to change their work much, unless over a long period of time?