Monday, 11 March 2013

Wrap magazine

Peepshow were asked to contribute to the next issue of Wrap Magazine which focuses on ' collectives'.
These drawings were for a larger collaborative piece. they are based on the idea that collaborating can not always work and be dysfunctional


Recently I have been working on some possible designs for a wallpaper and fabric print for The Galvin Brothers. The idea is that at the designs focus on the work of a joiner and also the narrative where the products come form and how they are formed. As from tomorrow(12th march)You can see their beautifully crafted work at a pop up shop with an interior space curated by Darkroom. Click here for details.These  designs are all still very much work in progress.

Possible fabric repeat

currently the most successful  design , using the narrative and forms- need to be developed in colour

Illustration test

An illustration for a job I recently tested on.I cant say too much about the content as unfortunately I didn't get the job  but I had to work to a strict colour and modular branding guidelines which was an enjoyable problem.

Manager Magazine

Recent illustration for Manager Magazine in Germany