Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nobrow comic work in progress

For the last week ive been working on a 7 page comic for the forthcoming release 'The Graphic Cosmogony' by Nobrow - a book feature a whole host of talent dealing with the theme of creation. The whole task has been exciting but daunting.
Here are the rough books i made just to get a balance to my story and work out the structure of each page, making sure the story reads.

at the same time i was tested methods that meant i could create the artwork that would maintain my interest by being able to shift enough away from the planned roughs.
making the leap to a much larger scale meant the artwork could come to the fore front for a while as the structure of the story was already in place

Nobrow use a four colour pantone print process. i tried a few ways of colouring the image but again, planning ahead meant the images where becoming more like what i expect to see in a comic rather than how i wanted to see my work in the format

These final drawings are getting somewhere. There is enough flexibility to allow me to hopefully tell the story whilst looking accidently the final comic will (hopefully)be finished next week

Sunday, 11 July 2010

recent work

New York Times.
a very quick turn around of 5 hours for this piece about the oil slick ability of people in Louisiana to carry on through a disaster

FT. Book review.
this top piece is work in progress. its a version that didn't get approved at the rough stage. i want to work it up anyway as its taking my work forward and away from a more straight forward construction of a narrative.

This version has less of a relation to the landscape description in the piece but is visually more interesting with the moon cut out dominating

Final piece to go for print. i was quite pleased with the final piece but it felt to like something i have seen time and time again in my work, which can be a symptom of commissioned work,referencing of past projects. hopefully the other version will offer something new and bit a bit more surprising

New Scientist
really interesting piece about the use of medication with autistic children.
i have quite strong ( but probably misguided ) views on this which become apparent in my first couple of roughs. the final piece became more about the different options/ dilemmas of treatments and that the visually shape of the children didnt fit it to what we , as society , expect as normal behaviour. the parents want what is best but it is a confusing puzzle, maze of theories.