Sunday, 11 July 2010

recent work

New York Times.
a very quick turn around of 5 hours for this piece about the oil slick ability of people in Louisiana to carry on through a disaster

FT. Book review.
this top piece is work in progress. its a version that didn't get approved at the rough stage. i want to work it up anyway as its taking my work forward and away from a more straight forward construction of a narrative.

This version has less of a relation to the landscape description in the piece but is visually more interesting with the moon cut out dominating

Final piece to go for print. i was quite pleased with the final piece but it felt to like something i have seen time and time again in my work, which can be a symptom of commissioned work,referencing of past projects. hopefully the other version will offer something new and bit a bit more surprising

New Scientist
really interesting piece about the use of medication with autistic children.
i have quite strong ( but probably misguided ) views on this which become apparent in my first couple of roughs. the final piece became more about the different options/ dilemmas of treatments and that the visually shape of the children didnt fit it to what we , as society , expect as normal behaviour. the parents want what is best but it is a confusing puzzle, maze of theories.


emma lewis said...

hi luke, i really like all of these, but i think the new scientist image is particularly poignant and reflective of the brief you described. really lovely and successful illustration!

Emily said...

Hi Luke, I think your work is beautiful, interesting and funny and I'm in awe of the fact that you produced that first image in 5 hours!
Thanks for sharing your working process, it's an inspiration.

robynthepaperboy said...

i really like your illustration about children & autism. it feels honest & childlike.
i feel inspired by your works.

jess said...

Good evening, you're my Wednesday night revelation.

jess said...

and perhaps even my 2011 revelation...

Metamorfosis said...

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