Monday, 19 September 2011

summer work

over the summer i was lucky enough to have a week away , looking after a friends dog and being able to use their printing press. I was able to print at a larger format (57 x 45 cm) and produced the following reduction woodcut reduction. I am trying to get the balance right between the planning that is needed for the colours to work but allow the drawing to have room to manoever and have some fluidity. I relied on a previous subject matter for the content to allow me to focus more on the technique. This is an edition of 7

Inbetween printing it was good to spend some time concentrating on drawing .As an action it gives me real enjoyment but there seems to be a growing distance between this and my illustration work.I think more work and time is needed to work out a way of processing the drawing, finding a method were it retains certain qualities but has a usability


Over the summer I did quite a few pitches for jobs that didn't happen.
Firstly i was asked to test for a 15 m mural for a coffee shop.
I did a 1-2m section for the test. The idea from the client was that the mural would tell the 'story' behind coffee and would be able to break down into 16 different usable illustrations. This was a good challenge but in trying to make the mural encompass 16 sections the overall section lost something- a change in scale and the rythym of it became quite flat. If the job had progressed, a bolder section would of been needed in the following meters. This also partly happen because I found it problematic working on screen for something thats should be at a large scale.

starting to catch up

Its been a while since I posted so they will be a few catch up posts over the next couple of days
firstly heres an editorial for for Harpers Magazine- who always provide a nice short story to illustrate from.