Monday, 30 November 2009

JDRF animation

click here and make an animation from a kit of parts created by me and help raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes and  the work JDRF do.
concept by Mischief, website by  The Tin

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

drawings to screenprints

in the summer i produced some narrative pencil drawings for 'inbetween' exhibition with peepshow (see earlier post). im trying to translate those drawings into screen prints by redrawing them in ink and changing the marks to suit the medium . hopefully the prints wont be a carbon copy of the originals but offer something different. this is just work in progress  but more to come in the new year

xmas sales

two christmas sales coming up where you can buy lots of goodies from everyone at peepshow and a whole host of talented folk. The first sale is saturday 28th november at The Crypt of St Pancras Church, Euston rd, London, NW1 28A from 11-6pm.
The second sale is on saturday 12th december at the Tab Centre behind Shoreditch Tabennacle church, 3 Godfrey Place,London,E27 NT

Thursday, 19 November 2009

sketchbook 01

i keep different sketchooks for different reasons and rarely show then as they feel private but perhaps its good to have some distance. these images are from one i keep on my desk at home to create disposable drawings at the end of the day.often the drawings are light and seem meaningless but have some joy. lately these drawings are becoming more informative than intended. void of reference and intent but always offering a spark.that is their worth

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

its the thought that counts

two christmas cards just going to print. The cards show two epic journeys undertaken in order to get a precious , if slightly underwhelming gift of a twig or a rock. these will be on sale at some christmas sales soon. more details to come.
been thinking about print more and more which is causing my drawings to be produced with even less refinement, with a lack of weight or importance to them. i can see the mistakes or how i could redraw, add, develop but for now im happy to actually avoid that and let them not be over worked.

Monday, 16 November 2009

t shirts

been working on some t shirt designs for a couple of different clients lately. heres just a few of the designs at various stages. decisions on what will finally go to print is yet to be made but a couple of these should be available in the new year