Sunday, 27 September 2009

whale perfume

i was recently asked to be involved in a a project called 'the open daybook' which is a perpetual diary being curated by david earle.each artist creates a piece of work on a specific date. the project has a lot of great artists involved including chris johanson, miranda july, shoboshobo and lots more. the book should be published in 2010. ive been reading and researching alot about whales recently so my day for this project was spent  attempt to put some of that research into a practical piece of work. the image here isnt the actual piece for the diary ( ill post that nearer the publishing date) but is a result of what the project sparked. thanks to david earle for getting me involved

Saturday, 26 September 2009

zoot magazine

new illustration for zoot magazine. i was given a lot of freedom to create this image which is a response to a 'london diary'  written by ruby king .The piece mainly focus is about aspects of dalston. the point the author makes about  the term 'urban cool' being used in the media, really  meaning that their is still money to be made out of property, was my main focus. the estate agent characters placing sold placards in anything are pictorially based on painting of colonists claiming new land.
other aspects of dalston inform the picture, such as the fact it used to be a woodland with deer.
im not sure how much of this communicates straight away but i think it becomes clear with the text and doesnt need to be a direct communication  type of illustration 

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

more animation

dont think i ever posted the finished version of another animation me and pete mellor worked on for sleeproon so here it is.


just finished working with pete mellor on this animation for a website being created by sennep.
looking back, im not too sure about the message  behind the animation but as an exercise in translating dry information it was quite interesting

Unilever from Peepshow Collective on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

comic / work in progress

iv e been thinking about a story for an animation for a while  and managed to storyboard it last week. i decided to tackle it by producing a comic  and here are a few images from my first attempt. because it was created with no planning the visual language is a bit confused as there are times when it falls into a grey area of neither possessing any intuitive charm or well considered  visual structure. as a vehicle to help the animation progress it is fine as it will naturally change from collaboration. but im thinking of also pushing it as a comic in its own right sometime in the future