Friday, 28 September 2012


Heres a couple of recent editorial illustrations. They are more involved images than I would usually try to make for editorial but on both jobs, this multi narrative aspect was needed rather than a simple solution. The top one is for a great piece written by Robert Andrew Powell for Harpers. It's about  Seattle Library and what he witnessed, became part of whilst spending some time there trying to write. 
I tried to get various scenarios, characters mentoned in the copy and a sense of the architecture, moving through the different floors.
The bottom illustration is for HBR magazine. the article is about the flexibility within a bartering system compared to a fixed price, It uses a market in Turkey as a case study. It was important for this image to have a busy feel but i'm not sure this completely works. Its a fine line between it feeling busy and clumsy/confused in its construction. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Animation Pitch

I did these still images for an animation pitch for a cancer charity. The three images depict three parts in the script- the moment of someone dying, a fun run, and the city landscape.They are too heavy on the print texture for my liking but that was part of the clients reference. Unfortunately  I didnt get the job