Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Yesterday was the launch of this years 'The Big Egg Hunt'
An event to raise money and awareness for the charity  Action For Children.
All The eggs are on display in covent garden  until the 17th of february before touring the country.
Check the dates here 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

monthly update

Below are some posts of some of the work I have been up to over the last month. There will be a new website and blog coming soon but in the meantime I plan on just posting work up at the end/start of  every month. so have a good febraury and more soon.

The Royal London Hospital

Recently finished working on some artwork created with Spencer Wilson for the  The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The work was commissioned by Vital Arts and the work was for the Childrens out patients area.
The idea was that on different walls  there would be parts of the same parade all heading to the main waiting areas. The characters would all be carrying letter forms that would come together to form a positive piece of typography in the waiting area.
Because of the nature of the hospital, how it is used etc the wallpaper is coated. The job was beautifully printed and installed by Omni. Better photos of the whole space will  be taken soon.

The Big Egg Hunt

I was asked by the charity Action for Children to paint an egg for this years Big Egg Hunt.
my Idea was a simple one to  cover the egg in explorers, looking , hunting for something.
The use of one colour, blue against the white was influenced by its use throughout history in the decorative arts from around the world.  The design also had to work technically. The egg will be place outside later this year in a UK city and therefore will be covered in a lacquer. This meant my usual choice of mediums, paper pencil where not suitable. It was a good exercise in translating my work onto an object via paint, whilst trying to keep in as crude and true to the edges made when I cut paper.
More on this project once the event launches around easter.

Food and Wine

Illustration for Food and Wine magazine. The article was about someone eating only italian food for 5 days straight in NewYork. My initial rough wasn't a strong concept but I just wanted to try and get the joy that was in the writing across- being surrounded by and enjoying all  the food that was on offer... 
After the feedback- something more conceptual was needed.The second drawing was trying to get the 5 day part in but felt very clunky and forced , hanging onto a drawing i liked but didn't work......

so this was abandoned for the simple , bold approach. My idea of a face made from pasta felt  like a bad joke,like  a pasta image when you are at play school, maybe not one of my better ideas but once rendered  it, it started to workout ok ......

But for the final  image using typography /spaghetti /days of the week was used.
This is pretty far out of my remit of work / visual language, but its always interesting where commissions take you


Job for The Telegraph about trying to get children ready for a winter walk and the importance of dressing them correctly