Wednesday, 28 April 2010


'Together & Apart'-A pair of reduction woodcuts now on show and for sale at the Pick Me Up show at somerset house until may 3rd

the images can be arranged to reflect the state of a relationship within a domestic setting. back to back united against the outside world and face to face in confrontation

i originally tried these images out as stencil screen prints but wasnt happy with the results. i thought it would fit naturally with the way i cut paper but it was too controlled, flat and i didnt allow the act of drawing to come through. the results where predictable with no real play in the medium. The lack of enjoyment in the process showed. At the same time i had been working on a reduction woodcut - a new process for me that was more rewarding , surprising and seemed to have more steam in invention. i learnt a lot reworking the images as woodcuts and look forward to producing more in the future


Quentin Duckit said...

Great! I just discovered your work and I really think it's amazing!!!

Bjorn Rune Lie said...

Hi There!
Gosh. Seriously nice work! Cool how you experiment so freely with new techniques etc. Your woodcuts are ace! Nice one. Cheers!

Metamorfosis said...

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