Tuesday, 6 April 2010

somerset house 'pick me up'

peepshow are soon to be involved in the graphic arts fair 'pick me up' at somerset house.
ive started to play with some print ideas that i can simply do at the studio. hopefully there will be some worthwhile results.

working out stencil screen prints. two mocked up 4 colour prints that can be arranged have the notion of being together or apart. the basic stencil technique will mean the registration will probably be quite far off so it will be interesting to see if this adds or takes away from the image

we will be doing a workshop with some pre-made wood blocks. heres some of my quick tests. not working to well at present but just trying to find a way for my line to translate, maybe looking to predictable at the moment, not quite enough of a surprise.

models of display design for the show made and designed by the talented chrissie macdonald

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Anonymous said...

these prints do work really well already! at least they look very nice cause of the effect printing gives. looking forward to the fair and the workshop.