Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Royal London Hospital

Recently finished working on some artwork created with Spencer Wilson for the  The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The work was commissioned by Vital Arts and the work was for the Childrens out patients area.
The idea was that on different walls  there would be parts of the same parade all heading to the main waiting areas. The characters would all be carrying letter forms that would come together to form a positive piece of typography in the waiting area.
Because of the nature of the hospital, how it is used etc the wallpaper is coated. The job was beautifully printed and installed by Omni. Better photos of the whole space will  be taken soon.


Muhammad Amir said...

The characters would all be carrying letter forms that medical supplies would come together to form a positive piece of typography in the waiting area.

shimrit elkanati said...

amazing project! i would love to walk past this wall or better yet to sit and stare at it

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Rizki Muhammad said...

very beautiful painting.
I love it.
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