Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New York Times

I spent last week working on a nice job for the New York Times Sunday Review. The job was to illustrate 6 poems  based on the mayan calendars prediction for the end of the world ( This friday).
I had to cover all the poems but try to make them work as a whole. There was a print and web format to consider too. Below is the final spread for the paper and click here to see the online version.

The first two roughs were wrong- I thought the image would be a whole page without the type. I tried  to show six moments that would feel as though they were from the same story

.....and in this one I tried to combine all six poems into one illustration

Here are two more roughs once i found out that the image had to include the type.

I also tried a version that  worked more with the language of mayan pattern- using a diamond shape that represents the universe- as the central point for the image to grow out from.

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Rob Kidney said...

Hey Luke,

Stunning work!...You just keep getting better.
long time no see/speak.
Rob Bremner/Rob Kidney here.

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