Friday, 25 March 2011

beautiful south bbc sessions (02)

i was recently commissioned to do another Beautiful South BBC sessions CD cover by Smiler associates. the project was similar to before in that they commissioned an already existed image which i than had to expand upon. The original image was similar to the top picture of the owl, which was arrived at through an animation i did for Sleeproom a couple of years ago.
because it was old work i reworked it to make it fit in with the newly created work. I think its interesting to have to then build a world around an image that was created as a one off, feels closed. you could almost take any image as a starting point and start to build a set of rules, systems narratives around it. In this case the giant owl originally had no reason for its scale other than a visual aesthetic ( poster image for animation) but now it started to take the form of a god or a threat. from there , a form of worship occurs and a form of resistance and a small narrative starts to unfold. i also wanted to include a character from the first CD cover ( the girl) so this started to become about the night version of the first cover im not sure how well this will translate to the finished product as it will have to contain a lot of other information, but it gave me a basis and direction to make the work


Scott Garrett said...

Love it Luke. That image of the owl across the moon carrying the house needs to stand alone on something... a cushion???! Beautiful.

aleksandra niepsuj said...


luke best said...

thanks scott. i just got a new printing press so will be doing some more woodcuts so maybe ill try that image. hope your well

luke best said...

your far too kind aleksandra
but thank you