Wednesday, 6 May 2009

going offline

hello. you may of noticed that i have taken my website down , leaving just a holding page and this news section. this is in no way a permanent decision but i am interested in what an online profile actually generates? i have also been feeling nervous lately about how much of my work is floating round the internet and is not being seen in context. i appreciate people like visiting my website and thank you for your support. i will keep the news updated with where my work can be seen and projects i am working on whilst i rethink the best way of presenting my work online. id also be happy to hear your thoughts on this issue. thanks


Diwant Vaidya said...

Hello Luke,

I read BlogLESS and they had a post where they were concerned about you taking down your portfolio ( These guys seem to know which way is up in most situations, so if they feel that you should proudly show your portfolio online, then I am wont to agree. Your concerns about context are valid, but I have a feeling that benefits of sharing content on the internet are substantial.

Anonymous said...


I visited your site quite often, I only recently came back to find such a despairing change... This is disheartening yet your decision, which I respect highly.

-Abram Pineda-Fischer